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Apakah pemasaran digital?

Pemasaran digital ditakrifkan oleh Hubspot sebagai pemasaran yang menggunakan alatan elektronik ataupon internet. Perniagaan anda boleh menggunakan pemasaran digital melalui saluran seperti laman web dan media sosial. Artikel ini akan membincangkan bagaimana laman web dan media sosial berhubung kait dalam mendapatkan pemasaran digital yang berkesan.


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Thinking of expanding your business and don’t know which road to take? (How To Start Online Business In Malaysia)

Well, it’s about time you should consider going online to flourish your business. How will it help you in the long run? What will be the pros and cons of showcasing your “WORK” to the cyber world? What things will you require to achieve your big dream?

So here are the reasons why you should really consider putting your business online. (more…)

MaGIC Activate Open Innovation Platform: Our Pitch

Magic activate is a startup program that connects large corporates, SME`s and startup at scale. There are two parties that were involved, the startups and innovators, and the corporates. There were 8 challenges, 22 corporate and community partners and more than 3000 startups in the community


Why does your business needs a website?


What is a website? Most people know what a website is. It is different than a blog. A website is an effective marketing tool that often requires a designer, hosting and domain name. Meanwhile, a blog mostly managed by an individual and it is hosted for free by some hosting company such as Blogspot. Why does your business need a website?


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